Milk Soap & More (Yogurt, Beer, Fruit/Veggies) 1/21/18

$ 95.00


Sunday 1/21/18 12:30-3:00

Once you have made a few batches of Cold Process soap, you are ready to step it up and learn the art of luxurious moisture-rich milk soaps & more! Join me for this intermediate to experienced soapmaking class where you will learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of milk soaps and master this art with confidence. We will a learn how to use yogurt, milk alternatives, beer, fruits/veggies and herbal teas. We will use a low temperature time saving technique called Master-Batching. You will leave with 4 to 6 lbs of soap plus optional supplies to make more at home, and soap making confidence for life! 

You also get the choice of herbs, essential oils (or phthalate free fragrances), colorants, clay, butters, exfoliating nutrients, many choices. You will learn a low temperature cold process soap making method that is safe, efficient, & fun! 

Join us in this fun filled & upbeat Sunday of soap making with uncommon ingredients. It will be a truly productive and creative experience. All you need to bring is an apron, latex or vinyl gloves (the kind used for washing dishes) and your creative self. All equipment and suppies are included.

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